Deppe Family Conservation Area

New Property Coming Soon!

The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF) purchased this 127-acre property to McFarland Park's immediate south in 2021. The property was offered at a significant bargain sale as Mr. Deppe wanted his farm permanently protected under Story County Conservation. INHF and SCC will embark on natural resource improvements while fundraising. This will include farming the property in preparation for a native prairie reconstruction.

View the Deppe Property Concept Plan Here.

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Aerial view of Deppe-McFarland Border

What Lies Ahead?


Story County Conservation's Board has outlined four major goals for this property that revolve around keeping a light footprint:

  • Increase the buffer for McFarland Park from commercial and residential development
  • Increase habitat for native plant and animal species
  • Increase outdoor user destinations and experiences
  • Complement McFarland Park’s destinations, experiences, and services


  • Accessible picnic area and shelter with parking
  • Educational signage/interpretation featuring:
    • Site history & Land acknowledgement
    • Significance of prairie remnants
    • Importance of water quality
    • Soil health & Conservation practices
  • Expanded trail networks with connections to McFarland Park and trailhead
  • Prairie restoration
  • Preservation of existing terraces
  • Vegetated buffers
  • Potential lookout/boardwalk
  • Potential pond or wetland, up to nine acres

Read more about these proposed plans in our Deppe Property Concept Plan, linked above.

Sneak Peek 

Blue Eyed Grass - Deppe West Remnant

Blue-eyed grass is just one of many interesting Iowa native plant species that can be found at the Deppe Property.

Fringed puccoon

Fringed puccoon can be found at the Deppe Property, blooming from April to June.

Fringed Puccoon

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