McFarland Clinic and Story County Conservation are excited to partner in an initiative called TrailsRx. McFarland Clinic physicians can now prescribe a trip to the Tedesco Environmental Learning Corridor for your health! Getting outside has many physical, emotional, and mental benefits. 

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  • Trails are free!
  • They’re accessible for all, regardless of income.
  • Trail prescriptions are easy to follow and can give a trail beginner the helpful introduction they need to get comfortable. Providers can hold patients accountable with a prescription.
  • Patients reap mental health benefits as well as physical benefits from being outdoors.
  • Great for patients dealing with obesity, endurance, balance and mental health issues.
  • Trails can be intimidating to beginners. Our Trails Rx map features loops and routes specifically chosen for beginners.
  • Nature doesn’t have side effects.

Kick off the TrailsRx program at the Tedesco Environmental Learning Corridor Grand Opening! We will walk a designated loop around the park to celebrate. The route will be short (about a quarter mile) and is suitable for most walkers. Meet at the entrance to the park at 5pm for the ribbon cutting; walk will immediately follow.

More information about the grand opening here:  

Health benefits of nature