Vehicle Registration & Plates

When will my vehicle registration drop in price?

Most vehicle registrations are based on the weight and list price of the vehicle and will take a fee drop when the vehicle is 8, 10, and 12 years old.

To find out what year your vehicle will take a drop see our calendar rate drop chart  (PDF).

What is the Plate Replacement Cycle?

The Plate Replacement Cycle is a program that the Department of Transportation has implemented for license plates that are 10 years old or older and are still on a vehicle. The life span (reflectiveness and adhesive) of a license plate is about 10 years. If your plate is ten years old or older you will have no choice, the motor vehicle system is programmed to automatically issue replacement plate(s).

What should I do with my old plate(s) that I have on my vehicle?

You should recycle your old plate.  You are not required to turn in the plates to the County Treasurer.  Plates can be turned into a County Treasurer's offices to be recycled.

Lost Registration

If you have lost your registration, you can obtain a reprinted registration for $3.00.  Registration reprint requests can be made in office or through the mail.  Include payment with a brief note containing your name, current residency & mailing address, plate number.  

Mail to:  Story County Treasurer  - PO Box 498 Nevada, IA 50201

If you have the current registration, but the sticker fell off of your plate, we can reprint a new sticker at no charge if you present your current registration in person at our office.

This office cannot accept responsibility for registrations/plates lost in mail. If you paid for your registration and sticker, but have not received it by mail, call our office for the lost in mail procedure. (515)382-7340