Non-Resident Military Personnel Certifcation (PDF)Iowa Residents

A member of the armed forces who is a resident of this state must pay the same registration fees that apply to other residents when registering a vehicle in this state.

Military Non-Resident

A nonresident member of the armed forces is not required to register a vehicle in this state, providing the vehicle is properly registered in the state of residency of the nonresident or the state where the nonresident is stationed.

A nonresident may register a vehicle in this state, if desired, in the same manner as any nonresident, with the following exceptions that apply to passenger cars.

  1. The fee on a passenger car and multipurpose vehicles are based on vehicle weight; the part based on value is not included.
  2. Application for registration of a passenger car/multipurpose vehicle must include a certification of residency, attested to by the commanding officer of the nonresident.

Non-Resident Military Personnel Certifcation (PDF)

Application for Certificate of Title and/or Registration (Form 411007)

Military Service Plates

Veteran Plate_Story Opens in new windowAn owner of a vehicle who served in the U.S. Armed Forces of the United States and was discharged under honorable conditions qualifies for a Veteran Plate.

  • One set at no charge
  • Second or subsequent sets at $25 (Make checks payable to the Iowa Department of Transportation)
  • $5 annual registration fee to the Veterans License Fee Fund at the time of renewal
  • Annual registration renewal fee

Note: The $5 annual validation fee will be credited to the Veterans License Fee Fund.

Required documentation:  A copy of the DD 214 (other than copy 1) or other documentation (WD AGO form 53-55) (WW2) approved by the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs. Documents must show the dates of service and character of service at least under honorable conditions. National Guard and Reserve members must have served at least 90 days of active duty service for other than training, or National Guard and/or Reserve minimum of 20 years of service, discharge under honorable conditions, eligible for retired pay at age 60.

To obtain an application please visit Iowa DOT Personalized & Specialty Plates.

Completed applications for the veteran's plates are mailed to:

Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs
7105 NW 70th Ave., Building 3465
Johnston, IA 50131