Property Research

Addressing Zoning Issues

Call or e-mail the Planning & Development Department with questions about permitted land uses, zoning, subdivision, land use planning, or other land development issues. We'll answer as many questions as possible right away, but some questions might require extensive property research.

Property research costs $30 per parcel, and takes up to a week to complete. To apply, complete and submit an Property Research application, which can be found on our Applications and Permits page.

Researching Zoning On Your Own

A question such as, "May I build a house on my property in the A-1 zone?" is not as easy to answer as it may sound. A minimum of 35 acres is generally required for a residential home to be built in the A-1 district; however, there are exceptions to this rule which require additional research to determine whether a parcel qualifies for residential development.

We'll be happy to complete the research for you, but if you're in a hurry you might find it quicker to view the Land Development Regulations and use our research forms to find some of the information on your own.