Voter Cards

One-Time Mailing by Iowa Secretary of State
On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, the Iowa Secretary of State (SOS) sent a one-time first class mailing to approximately 4,000 Story County voters who are active voter registrants but lack either an Iowa driver's license or an Iowa non-operator ID card.

Example of SOS mailing

What should I do with the card?
Cut out the card, sign it, and keep it in your wallet.  You will need it if you vote in-person or if you want to request an absentee ballot.

Voter Cards (since January of 2018)
Voters in Iowa are required to prove identity when voting.  

Cards are issued to all voters when a new registration is submitted, when a voter updates his/her registration, when the Auditor's Office updates polling place information, or at the voter's request.

There are two kinds of cards.  Which one you are sent depends on whether or not you have an Iowa driver's license, 

If you DO NOT have an Iowa driver's license or Iowa non-operator ID card, any card you receive from the Auditor's Office will look like this.

Voters are expected to sign these cards and keep them.  Your card will be presented when voting.  The card includes a personal identification number (PIN) that will be required on any absentee ballot request made by the voter.

If you DO have an Iowa driver's license or Iowa non-operator ID card, you will use your Iowa DL/ID for voting purposes.  The number on your Iowa DL/ID is required when requesting an absentee ballot.

Any voter may request a PIN card, regardless of driver's license status, but only those voters lacking an Iowa driver's license will automatically receive a PIN card.

NOTE:  Neither version of the two card formats include space for address changes or corrections (as was included in cards prior to law changes).  Voters with an Iowa DL/ID may update their registrations online.  Changes/corrections for any voter may be made by submitting a new voter registration form.  

Cards issued prior to November 17, 2017 cannot be used to prove identity for voting purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please contact the Auditor's Office.