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Story County Election Results

The links to the left are election results for Story County, sorted by year (or decade). Where possible, each election will have a results summary, a by-precinct summary, and sample ballot(s). Further historical data will be added as time permits.

In 1972, the Iowa Legislature named county auditors as the commissioners for all elections in their respective counties. Prior to 1972, elections at the city and school level were administered by those specific entities. As a result, data from those older elections may not be available.

Turnout Summary Information by Election Type

The links below detail election turnout totals and percentages in Story County.  Information is presented for educational purposes only; always refer to applicable abstract of election for official results.  

General Election - Presidential (1972-2020)

General Election - Gubernatorial (1970-2022)

City Election

School Election

County Historical Voting Trends

The links below compare voting results from Story County to that of the state and national level in specific races dating back to the 1880s. Information is taken from county archives and the Iowa Official Register, where available. The data therein is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to be an indicator of, nor predictor of, future election results.

President/Vice President

U.S. Senate

U.S. Representative


Statewide Election Results

Election Results & Statistics, courtesy of the Iowa Secretary of State