Strategic Planning

2019-2023 Strategic Plan

As a comprehensive plan prepares Story County for future growth and development, a county’s Strategic Plan helps identify and prioritize the specific projects that will assist the County to reach its ultimate destination. These projects do not happen overnight, nor are they accomplished by one person. Careful planning and consideration should be given to each. The County should rely on staff, appointed officials, elected officials, community groups, and other organizations to help achieve these identified priority projects for the benefit of the entire county.

The Story County Strategic Plan identifies the top five (5) goals of the County and lists objectives, tasks or action steps, timelines, responsible groups/agencies, potential resources, and measurable outputs for each goal. The intent of the projects or goals is to maintain and further enhance the quality of life and economic vitality for Story County residents. This Strategic Plan, adopted by the Story County Board of Supervisors in October 2018, guides decisions through Fiscal Year 2023 (ending June 30, 2023.)

It serves as a roadmap to guide our priorities, strategic directions, and concrete goals and objectives for the Board of Supervisors and County departments.

Please click here to view the adopted Strategic Plan (PDF).

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Our Challenges

This Strategic Plan is intended to guide and strengthen the County’s ability to address public investments in economic development, workforce, quality of life amenities, county services, and community needs. The following challenges were identified through the Strategic Planning process.


  • Sustain a competitive wage and benefit package for current and future employees.
  • Implement security and safety measures for public County buildings.
  • Continue to update technology.
  • Continue to make all public data available on the County website and the Beacon website, an online portal to access maps, real estate data, and tax information.


  • Influences on water quality and addressing the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy, conservation practices on agricultural land, watershed education, and septic systems.
  • Stagnant transportation funding with higher costs.
  • Changes in State/Federal funding.
  • Recreational opportunity demand.
  • Sustainable funding for conservation (IWILL).

By identifying these challenges—both internal and external— County stakeholders can develop projects and initiatives that allow decision-makers to focus energies and resources for maximum public benefit. These help frame the objectives that logically carry forth into identified projects 

Our Goals

Quality of Life

Story County has unique attributes when it comes to quality of life. It has excellent educational opportunities; access to natural amenities; rich, productive soil supporting Story County's agricultural heritage; diverse and engaged citizens; strong economic foundation; recreational opportunities and geographic proximity to other economic opportunities found in the metropolitan area. In terms of pride and marketing, these features can be of almost immeasurable value to the County. However, Story County is not without challenges. To enhance the quality of life for all residents, Story County will continue to need to recognize those challenges and turn them into opportunities. Story County will continue to invest in quality of life amenities for continued prosperity and success.

County Operations

Story County exists to serve its citizens. For this reason, all County operations – whether internal or external, present or future – must function as effective and efficient as possible. The objectives in this section strive to enhance the delivery of County services.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Story County residents benefit from having an efficient transportation network and bridges with appropriate roadways for traffic patterns and behaviors. Not only is it how residents move about Story County, it is how the County attracts economic development opportunities to build and maintain a strong economy. Furthermore, Story County is committed to ongoing investment in its facilities and infrastructure systems to better serve the public and provide a sense a pride for staff and citizens. Story County must continue to be fiscally-responsible while financially supporting the ongoing needs to maintain and improve public facilities and infrastructure systems.


Technology is the heart of how Story County efficiently serves its citizens. As technology changes rapidly, the expectations on how the County delivers services must change accordingly. Story County will continue to plan its technological and related infrastructure needs over the next five years.

Policy and Regulations

Story County has long been a leader in looking towards regulations and policies that actively promote alternate ways of accomplishing goals - not just writing static black and white words on a page, but instead enforcing ordinances that accomplish the goal. Story County will continue that practice to address valid concerns as they arise. Over the next five years, Story County will comprehensively audit regulations and policies to ensure the values defined in the C2C Plan are achievable and not at odds with what is currently being implemented.