Tanning Facilities

The Iowa Department of Public Health is responsible for the permitting and inspection of public tanning beds and booths located within Story County. Inspections are conducted to ensure that tanning facilities are properly permitted and operated in accordance with Iowa Administrative Code 641, Chapter 38, and Chapter 46. Facilities within Story County shall also comply with Story County Code of Ordinances Chapter 58.


Facilities within Story County shall not allow anyone fifteen years of age or younger to use a tanning device as defined in Iowa Administrative Code 641.46. Consumers who are sixteen or seventeen years of age may use a tanning device if requirements in Story County Code of Ordinances Chapter 58.06 are followed.  


1.  Obtain information and study materials from the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) website: IDPH Tanning Facility Information

2.  The following is a link to the IDPH website which will allow you to take the required Owner/Manager Test:  Owner/Manager Test

3. Or, you may contact the Environmental Health Staff at 515-382-7240 or email Health Department between the hours of 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday - Friday to schedule an Owner/Manager Test.

- There is a $25 fee payable to Story County Environmental Health each time the test is taken.

- The Owner/Manager Test consists of 75 multiple choice and/or true/false questions. A minimum of 70 questions must be answered  correctly to receive certification.

- This test is open book and you may bring the Training Program For Operators Of Tanning Devices booklet..

- A Certificate of Completion will be issued immediately after passing the test.

3. Send a copy of the certificate, along with your application (also found at the above website) and permit fee to IDPH. 



Training Program for Operators of Tanning Devices

Story County Code of Ordinances Chapter 58

Iowa Administrative Code 641.38

Iowa Administrative Code 641.46