Under Iowa Administrative Code (IAC), Chapter 69, Private Sewage Disposal Systems, all homeowners that have a septic system that contains a peat moss bio-filter, recirculating textile filter, or an aerobic treatment unit are required to have a maintenance contract for the life of the system. A copy of the contract is to be filed with this department; and, all monitoring and servicing of the unit is to be performed by a manufacturer’s technician.

NOTE: You may choose a certified service provider from any county to service your system.

Below you will find lists of Septic and Well Contractors in the area. Use the links to find the appropriate contractor for your individual needs. Some of the links will lead you to the Iowa DNR website where lists are kept as current as possible.

DISCLAIMER: The Story County Environmental Health Department does not and cannot recommend one particular contractor over another. Each individual must make his or her own decision about which contractor to use for the type of work needed.

Certified Installer of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (CIOWTS)

Please use the link below to find a list of a currently Certified Installer of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems. This link will lead you to an IOWWA webpage. Enter your zip code and select a mile radius to search.IOWWA Webpage


Septic Tank Pumpers

Septic Contractors (CIOWTS Certified)

Advan-Tex Recirculating Textile Filter

List of Providers: Advantex (PDF)

Peat Moss Bio-filter

List of Providers; Ecoflo (PDF)

List of Providers; Eco Pure (PDF)

Aerobic Treatment Unit

Consolidated Treatment Systems (Multi-Flo, EnviroGUARD, and NAYADIC systems)

Clearstream Wastewater Systems, Inc. (PDF)

Time of Transfer

Time of Transfer Inspectors

Well Contractors

Well contractors for your location can be found via internet search.


Use the link below to complete and submit a Story County Septic Contractor License Agreement

Contractor License Agreement (PDF)