The Patrol Division of the Story Co Sheriff’s office plays a critical role in the law enforcement duties provided by the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies are the first to respond and handle a variety of emergency and non emergency situations. Fifteen deputies and three Sergeants staff three shifts to ensure 24/7 patrol coverage of the nine contract towns and rural areas of the county. In addition to answering calls for service and routine patrol deputies assist with the serving of civil notices, community policing functions and the ever increasing number of court ordered mental health committals. The men and women of the patrol division are dedicated to providing professional and quality services to the citizens of Story County.

The Central Iowa Drug Task Force is a multi jurisdictional task force covering Story, Boone and Greene counties under the direction of the Story County Sheriff’s Office. Full time members include the Story Co Sheriff’s Office, Ames Police, ISU Police, Story Co Attorney’s Office, Boone Co Sheriff’s Office, Boone Police Dept, Boone Co Attorneys’ Office, Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement and the Iowa national Guard. Numerous other law Enforcement agencies in the three counties serve as part time members. The Sheriff’s Office has two full time deputies assigned to the task force, both positions are funded through a grant from the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy. The Sergeant from the Sheriff’s Office assigned to the task force coordinates and supervises all task force activities and maintains the funding grant.