General Crime Investigations

General Crime Detectives at the Story County Sheriff's Office investigate non-drug related crimes committed within Story County including, but not limited to, theft, assaults, fraud, arson, vandalism, sexual assaults, and human trafficking. Since crime has no jurisdictional boundaries, Story County Detectives have extensive working relationships with other law enforcement agencies throughout Iowa and the Midwest. Detectives are responsible for maintaining the chain of custody of evidence seized by the Story County Sheriff's Office, Story County Conservation, and the Central Iowa Drug Task Force. Additional duties include processing crime scenes and the proper l0gging, transportation, and storage of evidence.

Central Iowa Drug Task Force

The Central Iowa Drug Task Force is a multi jurisdictional task force covering Story, Boone and Greene counties under the direction of the Story County Sheriff’s Office. Full time members include the Story Co Sheriff’s Office, Ames Police, ISU Police, Story Co Attorney’s Office, Boone Co Sheriff’s Office, Boone Police Dept. Boone Co Attorneys’ Office, Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement and the Iowa national Guard. Numerous other law Enforcement agencies in the three counties serve as part time members. The Sheriff’s Office has two full time deputies assigned to the task force, both positions are funded through a grant from the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy. The Sergeant from the Sheriff’s Office assigned to the task force coordinates and supervises all task force activities and maintains the funding grant.

FBI Violent Gang Task Force

The Story County Sheriff's Office employs a full-time investigator who is assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Violent Gang Task Force. As part of this assignment, this investigator works around the clock to ensure that all citizens under the umbrella of our protection are kept safe from the ongoing threat of gang violence. Through the cooperation of our state, local, and federal law enforcement partners, Story County is able to remain on the front line of combatting violence in communities all across Iowa. The Investigator assigned to perform these duties falls under the command of the Field Services Division.

Internet Crimes Against Children

The Story County sheriff’s Office has added an investigator to the Iowa Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. This Investigator is trained in computer forensics and works closely with other Local, State and Federal authorities in investigating these crimes against children. The Story County Sheriff’ s Office Investigations Division continues to be member of Iowa Law Enforcement Intelligence Network and Mid State organized Crime Information Center, which is vital in exchanging information throughout the Midwest as well the nation.