The Investigations Division at the Story County Sheriff’s Office investigates, all crimes excluding drug offenses committed in Story County. Since crime has no jurisdictional boundaries, we pride ourselves with our working relationships with other Law enforcement agencies.

The Story County sheriff’s Office has added an investigator to the Iowa Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. This Investigator is trained in computer forensics and works closely with other Local, State and Federal authorities in investigating these crimes against children. The Story County Sheriff’ s Office Investigations Division continues to be member of Iowa Law Enforcement Intelligence Network and Mid State organized Crime Information Center, which is vital in exchanging information throughout the Midwest as well the nation.

The investigations Division at the Story County Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for the evidence seized in Story County by the Sheriff’s Office, Story County Conservation, and the Iowa division of Narcotics Enforcement. Investigators at the Sheriff’s Office are responsible for proper logging and transportation of evidence to The Iowa Division Criminal Investigation Laboratory for analysis. The keeping of evidence is no easy task and there must be a secure chain of custody throughout the process.

The Sheriff’s Office prides itself on this through the whole process of seizing until either the destruction or return of seized items is complete.

In all the Investigation Division continues to be aggressive in solving, a variety of crimes. And as always service to the residents of Story County remains our focus.