Story County Sheriff's Office Dive Team

Dive Team

The Story County Sheriff's Office Dive Team is comprised of full time Sheriff's Office employees and volunteers that specialize in providing water rescue, underwater search, recovery, and investigative services to citizens across Iowa. Made up of certified divers and shore support personnel, Dive Team members are mentally and physically prepared to respond to water related incidents under dangerous environmental conditions.

Committed to the preservation of life, collection of evidence, recovery of property, and education of the public on water safety, the dive team gives hundreds of hours to the Story County Sheriff’s Office in serving the citizens of Story County. All members of the Story County Sheriff's Office Dive Team fall under the direction of the Support Services Commander.

Sheriff's Office Dive Team

Diver Qualifications

In order to qualify as a diver on this team, applicants must first pass a rigorous physical watermanship test before then obtaining certifications in areas including but not limited to SCUBA Training, Ice Diver Training, and underwater search and rescue related training. Even after this certification is achieved, all divers are still required to re-test on the watermanship course each year in order to remain eligible as a diver on the team.

Persons interested in volunteering for a position on the dive team are encouraged to review the watermanship test prior to submitting an application. The are no requirements for interested applicants to already hold diver certifications or rescue training prior to applying for a position on the Dive Team 

For more information about the Story County Sheriff's Office Dive Team, please contact the Support Services Division at (515) 382-7457.

Watermanship Test (PDF)