Story County Jail Hiring and Selection

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Hiring Process Information

The Story County Sheriff's Office employs over thirty detention officers that provide 24/7 staffing of the Story County Jail located in Nevada, Iowa. All officers are certified jailers in the state of Iowa and are trained to perform tasks such as inmate supervision, transport, and court security duties. In addition to their primary duties, after successful graduation from initial training and completion of a one year probationary period, Story County Detention Officers are eligible for participation in collateral duty assignments that benefit the jail such as Human Trafficking, Officer Recruitment, Inmate Classification, and Background Investigations. Finally, all eligible officers are able to apply for additional service on Sheriff's Office Special Teams such as the Emergency Response, Crisis Negotiations, Dive Rescue, and Uncrewed Aircraft Systems teams.

Testing Process Explained

Phase One: Application

All interested applicants must complete the required documentation and Sheriff's addendum in order to be considered for employment. Once this has been completed and submitted, you will receive additional information regarding dates, time, and location of testing.

Phase Two: Written and Physical Testing

All qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the physical and written testing process. The written test will consist of a combination of multiple choice questions, written responses, and basic arithmetic. The physical testing standards and can be found here.

Phase Three: Oral Board Interview

All applicants who pass written and physical testing will be invited to attend an oral board interview comprised of Sheriff's Office staff. This interview will consist of questions regarding personal and job history, qualifications, applicant strengths, job expectations, and any other item deemed necessary by the oral board. Applicants who successfully complete this interview have the opportunity to be placed on a list of eligible applicants for hire.

Phase Four: Psychological and Physical Health Examination

All applicants who complete the above three phases will be required to complete the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) to asses personality traits and psychopathology. This will test will be proctored and evaluated by a licensed psychologist. In addition to this, all applicants will also be required to complete a physical exam by a licensed doctor to determine medical standards are met for the required performance of duty.

Phase Five: Background Investigation

All Applicants deemed physically and mentally fit for duty will be subjected to a thorough background examination performed by Sheriff's Office staff. This will consist of, but is not limited to, criminal history and financial records checks, the interviewing of references, friends, family, and relatives, previous employment history, any any other pertinent information about the applicant's history.

Phase Six: Firm Offer of Employment

Applicants that complete all above phases and requirements will be offered a position of assignment to the Story County Sheriff's Office Jail Division as a Detention Officer. Once hired, Officers will complete several month of field training covering basic job instruction, use of force, interpersonal communication skills, certification to carry a firearm, and the attendance of a jail school.