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Story County Logo Use Request Form

  1. Overview

    The Story County, Iowa logo can only be provided for use to a person, agency, or group who is working on a joint County or County-funded program or project with an authorized Story County employee. A completed Logo Usage Request Form must be received by Story County prior to granting permission to use the Story County logo. The Logo Usage Request Form must be approved by the Story County Board of Supervisors or designee to be valid. 

    Permission to use the logo is limited to a specific project or product. When that project or product is complete, new permission must be requested. 

    Any individual or entity other than Story County, Iowa is prohibited from using Story County's logo without permission granted by the Story County Board of Supervisors or designee. Unauthorized use is subject to action by Story County, Iowa.

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    1. Terms and Conditions

      Permission to use the Story County, Iowa logo is subject to the Applicant agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

      1. The Applicant shall not make any alterations to the logo, stretch, distort, change colors, or adapt it as part of another graphic symbol or mark.
      2. The word “County” is considered part of the logo and may not be deleted or changed in any way.
      3. The full-color logo shall be placed over a white, very light tint of color or solid black background. The logo shall never appear to be inside a box. 
      4. When using the reversed white logo, the Applicant shall use a background dark enough for the logo to be easily read.
      5. The logo shall never be smaller than .33 inches wide.
      6. The logo shall never have a box-like outline around it or appear to be inside of a box.
      7. The Applicant shall not use the logo for commercial purposes.
      8. The Applicant shall not grant permission to any other person or entity to use the logo.
      9. The Applicant agrees that Story County assumes no liability regarding the Applicant’s use of the Story County logo.
      10. The logo cannot be used for any purpose other than the purpose stated in this request.
      11. The permission granted to use the logo is solely for the program or activity described in this request. Any future use of the logo requires a new request and approval.
      12. The Applicant shall not use the logo in a manner that is likely to cause confusion over the source of the logo. 
      13. The Applicant shall not use the logo for a purpose that is related to a ballot initiative, direct religious purpose, or political purpose.
      14. The Applicant shall not use the logo in disparaging, inappropriate, or otherwise damaging applications.
      15. If the logo is used on electronic materials, the Applicant must hyperlink the logo to 
      16. Story County, Iowa reserves the right to refuse permission to any person(s) or organization requesting the use of the logo.
      17. Story County reserves the right to terminate the Applicant’s use of the logo immediately if the Applicant fails to adhere to any of the above terms and conditions.

    2. Agreement to Terms and Conditions*

      By selecting "Yes" below you (the Applicant), are confirming that you have read the above Terms and Conditions regarding the use of Story County, Iowa's logo and that you agree, on behalf of the organization represented in this request, to abide by all of the Terms and Conditions stated to the left. 

      Failure to abide by all Terms and Conditions above will result in termination of the Applicant’s use of the Story County, Iowa logo and may result in further action by Story County, Iowa.

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