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Oct 25


Posted to Naturally Speaking with Steve Lekwa by Erica Place

Maps fascinate me. I have quite a few. One old Iowa road map has red lines traced all over it showing roads I have traveled over the years. Another collection includes aerial navigation “sectional charts” I used when I was an active private pilot many years ago. Yet another collection includes maps of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the adjoining Quetico Provincial Park of Canada.  A few more are USGS “quad maps” a friend and I used when hiking in the Rockies and the Ozark National Forest. Each type of map depicts the land’s features in a way intended to best suit the needs of the intended user. Road maps are measured in miles and use numbers and various colors to define the roads. Aerial charts use colors to define the elevation of the land, but show only primary roadways and other features of the land that might be recognized from the air. They’re measured in slightly longer nautical miles, and make frequent reference to compass bearings. Canoe area maps concentrate on lake outlines and topographical elevation lines to best depict landmarks of use to a canoeist. Interestingly, they show section lines based on miles, but list portage distance between lakes with the old surveying measurement of rods (16.5 feet). A mile is 320 rods. “Quad maps” show elevations in color as well as topographic lines that tell a hiker whether the path ahead will be gentle or a steep climb. They also depict landmarks that other maps don’t show like cabins or old mines.

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Jul 23

Fishery Renovation Update

Posted to The Greenprint by Erica Place

The DNR will treat Hickory Grove Lake on August 4th (pending workable weather conditions) with rotenone, a botanical pesticide, to eliminate the remaining fish population.

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