Dust Control by Commercial Applicator

A permit is required from residents applying any type of chemical suppressant to the road surface. Residents are instructed to contact any of the approved vendors to perform this service. The minimum footage of treatment is 400 linear feet by 20 feet wide. The cost listed below for each of the vendors is based on 2 separate applications.

  • A dust control permit may be obtained by contacting any of the vendors listed below or by downloading the dust control permit from the vendors website.
  • Complete the dust control permit and mail to the vendor of your choice with the payment.
  • The vendor will collect the payment and mail to the county the completed dust control permit for approval. Vendors will instruct the resident to place flags at the end points of the specific site by their designated flag deadline.
  • Prior to application, the vendor will notify the county of their schedule. At this time, Story County will prepare the road for the application of this purchased chemical.
  • Story County reserves the right to blade through the dust control if the road becomes too rough.
  • Vendor will apply the dust control, the first application in mid-to-late May and the second application to follow in late July or early August (depending on weather)
  • Roads will be bladed for the winter season after October 1st.

Applications from Vendors are due in our office no later than April 25th, 2023. For Vendor deadlines, please contact one of the Approved Vendors below.

Approved Vendors

Jerico Services, Inc.

P.O. Box 607
Indianola, IA 50125
Phone No. 1-800-397-3977

Calcium Chloride:

Cost: Call for pricing

Additional footage: call for pricing (per additional 100 feet)

Heffron Services (Mid-Iowa Cooperative)

6611 University Ave., #201
Windsor Heights, IA 50324
Phone No. 515-321-5033

Magnesium Chloride:

Cost: Call for pricing

Additional footage: Call for pricing (per additional 100 feet)

Questions regarding dust control and material used should be directed to the vendor. Story County will not guarantee the effectiveness of the dust control product, and any complaints regarding the quality of the product should be addressed to the vendor that has been selected. WASTE OIL RESTRICTION: THE USE OF WASTE OIL IS BANNED.

Updated March 9, 2023