I got a virus from a storycounty.com....FAQ

The Spreading of Computer Viruses

The "MyDoom" and similar viruses are mass-mailing worms that select from a list of email subjects, message bodies, and attachment file names for their email messages. It spoofs the sender name of its messages so that they appear to have been sent by different users instead of the actual users on infected machines.

How Information is Gathered by Viruses

These viruses gather recipient email addresses using three methods: They obtain addresses from the Windows Address Book, they search for email addresses and domain names from files located in the Temporary Internet Files folder, and these worms also construct additional email addresses by prepending strings such as "adam," "fred," "jack," etc. to the obtained domain names.

We would ask that emails that emails pertaining to the "My Doom" virus be deleted. These emails do not contain a virus, but have been causing much concern from people receiving the emails telling them that their PC has been sending out viruses. Story County Information Technology has many virus safeguards in place to protect the integrity of our computer system and networks. Every email entering and leaving our email system is scanned for viruses.