Training Resources

Available Training Resources

Computer technology is an ever changing world that requires continual improvement on familiarity with software features and hardware solutions. In an effort to help improve our service to the county departments and to the people of Story County, Information Technology would like you to explore these avenues of education for improving your computer skills. This is not an endorsement of these products on behalf of Story County, but simply a list of references for services related to training that Story County has accumulated.


Educate your staff with our computer training courses and watch productivity rise while your training costs fall. Monitor employees' progress and proficiency as they upgrade valuable skills to make your workplace more productive. LearnKey offers many computer software trainnng products on video tape, DVD, and Computer Based Training.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

New Horizons Integrated Learning is a comprehensive approach to training that guides each learner through all stages of their learning lifecycle. It consists of five components - Assess, Learn, Reinforce, Support and Validate - and combines classroom and eLearning products and services to create the most effective learning experience available in the industry.

Choose from a wide selection of technical classes and certification packages. New Horizons maintains the world's largest network of Microsoft Certified Technical Education Centers (CTEC) and Prosoft Certified Internet Webmaster Authorized Training Partners (ATP). In fact, New Horizons does more Microsoft technical and certification training than any other company.

New Horizons offers both classroom and elearning options for virtually every desktop application used in the world of business. We feature the latest titles and provide solutions tailored to help you execute real-world business projects.

The success of our customers is realized through training classes, but the foundation of New Horizons is based on inspiring students and companies to become more productive and successful in their daily activities. We see the confidence that comes from learning on our students' faces every day.

Des Moines Public School Continuing Education

The Des Moines Public School system has a surprisingly large selection of online classes for computer skills. Ranging from office productivity training to Java programming, these affordable convenient classes offer very in-depth cutting edge-training resources.

Des Moines Area Community College

Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) offers a wide array of technology training courses. Software development, office productivity training, database administration and more. DMACC offers the flexibility of online courses and instructor-led training in several locations near Story County.