Business & Industry Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

As a business owner, you have invested significant time and energy to establish your business in the community. You have dedicated customers, staff and suppliers who have come to rely on your business.

Imagine in the blink of an eye your business has been destroyed. This could be by fire, flood, severe weather or another manmade or natural disaster. Do you know where to begin to re-establish your business? How are you going to keep your staff employed? How are you going to do business if all your documents have been destroyed? Do you have redundant documents/forms saved off premise? These are a few of the issues your business could face if devastated by a disaster.

Preparedness Templates

We have complied resource lists & templates to help build a Continuity of Operations Plan and Emergency Action Plan for your business. The forms and templates can be tailored to fit small or large businesses.


FEMA Continuity Template for Non-Federal Agencies(PDF)