Go For A Walk

Have You Walked Your Dog Today?

Is your fenced yard a haven for your dog, or a prison? Every dog should have a fenced yard as a safe and handy place to play, to relax in, and to defend. Fenced yards relieve owners of the necessity of walking their pet three or four times a day.

Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners sentence their pets to life inside the chain links. They never take the dog for a walk, and deprive themselves of many of the pleasures of pet ownership. Every dog deserves one walk a day (or at least one a week) and every owner will benefit from providing it.

Here's Why

  • Most dogs won't run around a fenced yard enough to get the exercise they need. Your dog may run up and down the fence line barking at a passing stranger two or three times a day, but unless your yard is the size of a football field, that isn't much exercise. If you and your dog walk a mile or more a day, you'll both benefit by building strength and endurance, burning off calories, breathing fresh air, and discovering what's new in the neighborhood.
  • Time together, especially active time together, provides an opportunity for dog and owner to interact and establish mutual communication and a strong bond of affection. Dogs on a walk also get to socialize with other dogs. This is especially beneficial for puppies, who learn the rules of canine social interaction from meeting older dogs.
  • Yard bound dogs get bored. Walk past a fenced yard and watch the resident dog race along the fence line, press it's face through the links, bark, pant, whimper, and practically turn somersaults to get your attention. Imagine being able to see a park, alley, or vacant lot from your yard but never getting the chance to explore it. No wonder dogs get frustrated. They deserve some variety in their lives, which regular walks can give.