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1. Where can I get the latest information or tax statement for my property?
2. When are my property tax payments due?
3. Whom should I contact if my mailing address changes or I have a name change?
4. I just purchased this property and I am now being told that I am responsible for the full years taxes, how can this be?
5. What should I do if I receive a tax statement on a home I recently sold? Am I responsible for the taxes on the sold property?
6. What happens if my taxes are not paid by the due date?
7. Why am I getting this tax statement when my mortgage company pays my taxes or I set up an auto-pay option??
8. Why were special assessment statements mailed to me?
9. What is tax suspension? Can my property taxes be suspended?
10. Is there any type of credit or help available for elderly, disabled, or low-income property owners?
11. Is there any type of credit or help available for low-income mobile home or manufactured home property owners?
12. What forms of payment are accepted?