Will my damaged mailbox be replaced?

It depends on the damage. The mailbox will not be replaced if the mailbox was damaged by flying snow or snow being moved by our equipment. The mailbox will be replaced according to our ordinance if it has been hit by snow removal equipment. Below is the paragraph form our ordinance addressing mailboxes. To report a damaged mailbox please call our office number 515-382-7355 or email engineerweb@storycountyiowa.gov and provide name, the mailbox address, and phone number.

 "  3.   Private Drives. The County will not clear snow from private drives. Normal snow removal operations may result in snow being deposited in private drives. Snow from private drives shall not be placed on the roadway or shoulders. New mailboxes, plain galvanized normal small size, will be issued to owners only if destroyed mailbox has been hit by snow removal equipment. Mailboxes thus provided must be mounted on 4 x 4-inch wood posts. Claims for replacement mailboxes must be made by the end of the third day after the box is damaged. Replacement boxes will not be provided for those damaged by flying snow."

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