What other Credits and Exemptions may I be eligible for?
There are several more exemptions that may be applied for at your local assessor's office. Each type of exemption has specific criteria and rules. Some are one time sign up and others must be applied for annually. Please check with your local assessor to see if you qualify for any of the following:

-Barn & One-Room Schoolhouse
-Data Center business Property Exemption
-Disabled and Senior Citizens Property Tax Credit/Rent Reimbursement
-Disabled Veteran Homestead
-Family Farm Credit
-Forest & Fruit Tree Reservations
-Impoundment Structures
-Industrial Property, Research service Facilities, Warehouses, Distribution Center and Cattle Facilities
-Low Rent Housing
-Methane Gas Conversion Property
-Mobile Home Reduced Tax Rate
-Manufactured Home Community or Mobile Home Park Storm Shelter
-Native Prairie/Wetland
-Pollution Control and Recycling
-Religious, Literary, and Charitable Societies
-Special Assessment for Elderly and Disabled
-Speculative Shell
-Urban Revitalization
-Web Search Portal
-Wildlife Habitat
-Wind Energy Property

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