I've lived here for years and never gotten a drainage bill. Why now?
Drainage districts are not levied on a regular basis. When a district is levied the trustees set the percentage such that a surplus (usually around $2,000) remains after all bills are paid. The district will not be levied again until its funds are depleted. Depending on the amount of work required in the district, some districts are levied every two years while a few have gone 50 years or more without a levy. The norm is every 4-5 years. To find out when your district was last levied, contact the drainage clerk.

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1. What is a drainage district?
2. Who sets up drainage districts?
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11. Why are the drainage assessments not proportional to property valuation?
12. Why is my assessment $25.00 when my neighbor's is only $7.00?
13. I've lived here for years and never gotten a drainage bill. Why now?
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