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Doolittle Prairie

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  1. Designated Public Hunting Area
  2. Pets Allowed
Doolittle Prairie is a 40-acre tract of pothole prairie. It is a blaze of color from May through October as prairie wildflowers and grasses bloom. The pothole areas provide valuable habitat for wetland wildlife. 
The prairie is divided into two tracts. The northern tract, Plover Tract, is owned by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and is managed by Story County Conservation. The 24-acre Plover Tract has six natural potholes, native prairie areas, and shrub thickets. It has been managed by the conservation board since 1980.
The southern tract, Matheason Tract, is owned by Story County Conservation. It was purchased with the help of the Iowa Natural heritage Foundation. This 16-acre tract has native prairie areas and three potholes.
Doolittle Prairie is a designated public hunting area, non-toxic shot is required.
Pets must be kept on leashes from March 15 to July 15. Pets must be kept under control at all times