Medical Examiner

The primary function of the Story County Medical Examiner Department is to determine a truthful, logical and scientifically unbiased cause and manner of death. The State of Iowa uses an appointed physician Medical Examiner system.

The Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 127 and the Code of Iowa Section 331.801-805 define the scope and duties of the Medical Examiner (ME). This system consists of a Chief Medical Examiner and Medical Investigators

The Chief Medical Examiner (CME) is appointed for a two year term by the Board of Supervisors. Medical Examiner Investigators (ME-I) are hired by the Board of Supervisors and must also be approved by the Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner. The use of ME-I’s is common in Iowa. Investigators perform death investigations under the supervision of the Chief Medical Examiner. ME-I’s gather information and evidence as well as make preliminary determinations as to cause and manner of death.

Chief Medical Examiner

Trisha Andersen, MD
McFarland Clinic
1215 Duff Ave
Ames, IA. 50010

Medical Examiner Investigators:

Amy Fritz
Mindy Royster