2023 Project Map

Current and Upcoming projects:

  1. FM-C085(173)--55-85 - HMA Resurfacing on E-57, From Hwy 69 west 3.5 miles to Co. Rd. R38
  2. FM-C085(172)--55-85 - HMA Resurfacing on R50, begining 150' South of Cameron School Road, north 2.5 miles.
  3. BRS-SWAP-C085(170)--FF-85 - Bridge Replacement on Co. Rd. S14, over Calamus Creek; Section 18-82-22
  4. L-U32--73-85 - RCB Culvert Replacement on 578th Ave., over Coon Creek; in Section 32-82-23
  5. L-IC9--73-85 - RCB Culvert Replacement on 640th Ave., over unnamed stream, Section 9-82-22 
  6. L-C23--73-85 - RCB Culvert Replacement on 720th Ave., over Small Stream; in the SW1/4 of Section 23-82-21 
  7. L-LIN36--73-85 - RCB Culvert Replacement on 150th St.., over unnamed creek in Section 36-85-21 
  8. FM-C085(174)--55-85 - RCB Culvert Replacement on 730th Ave., over small stream, SW1/4, Section 24-84-21 
  9. FM-C085(175)--55-85 - RCB Culvert Replacement on 170th St., over small stream, NE1/4 of Section 8-84-23 
  10. L-P32--73-85 - HMA Resurfacing on 510th Ave. from Polk County Line North 0.68 Miles.

5 Year Program Map (PDF)

Current road Closures