Budget & Program

Secondary Road Funding

Road Use Tax Fund

The Story County Secondary Road Fund (BMP) consists of state revenues from fuel tax (38%), registration fees (36%), and use tax (22%).

Farm to Market Fund

This fund comes directly out of the Road Use Tax Fund but can only be spent on road construction projects and only on the county-designated Farm to Market System.

Local Property Tax

This fund consists of dollars levied through local property taxes.

  • 20% coming from the General Basic Fund
  • 80% coming from the Rural Services Fund

Federal Aid

These Federal Aid funds can only be spent on construction projects.

  • 35% must be spent on bridges
  • 65% must be spent on roads

Five Year Construction Program

The Story County Secondary Road Construction Program is updated each year at the same time the budget is approved. This usually occurs during the first part of the year.

2019-2023 Program: