Site Evaluations

A Septic Site Evaluation is required to be performed on every property needing a new or replacement private wastewater treatment system (septic system). These site reviews can be performed either by the Environmental Health Department, a Registered Engineer or a Soil Scientist.

The site review, which is part of the Story County wastewater permit process, starts when you send in a permit application and the proper permit fee. Once the Environmental Health Department receives the application and fee, they will coordinate with the contact person, designated on the application form, and schedule a septic site review.

During the septic site evaluation our office collects the following information:

  • Actual property location, ie. E911 address, county parcel number
  • Description of the type of structure served, number of bedrooms, and the disclosure of any other waste generating facilities that may be installed
  • Location desired for major structures on the site (to be discussed with the property owner)
  • Collect soil profile information by both soil map interpretation and direct soil coring
  • Mark or flag areas of importance, both Health Setbacks and areas intended for septic use
  • Discuss the actual type of system that can be installed on the property under review

Once the field work is completed, the review process continues at the office with:

  • Preparation of a field data sheet that includes the soil type, class, and details of the soil coring
  • Installation criteria determined by the contractor

It is important to understand that the site evaluation plays a major role in the installation of a septic system installation and is required because improper placement can cause even a newly installed system to fail. Proper planning and routine maintenance will yield a septic system that provides years of dependable service.