Background Check

724.10 Application for Permit to Carry Weapons Background Check Required

A person shall not be issued a permit to carry weapons unless the person has completed and signed an application on a form to be prescribed and published by the commissioner of public safety. The application shall require only the full name, driver's license or nonoperator's identification card number, residence, place of birth, and date of birth of the applicant, and shall state whether the applicant meets the criteria specified in sections 724.8 and 724.9. An applicant may provide the applicant's social security number if the applicant so chooses. The applicant shall also display an identification card that bears a distinguishing number assigned to the cardholder, the full name, date of birth, sex, residence address, and a brief description and colored photograph of the cardholder.

The issuing officer, upon receipt of an initial or renewal application under this section, shall immediately conduct a background check concerning each applicant by obtaining criminal history data from the department of public safety which shall include an inquiry of the national instant criminal background system maintained by the federal bureau of investigation or any successor agency.

A person who makes what the person knows to be a false statement of material fact on an application submitted under this section or who submits what the person knows to be any materially falsified or forged documentation in connection with such an application commits a class "D" felony.