Additional Duties

Central Iowa Task Force

The Central Iowa Task Force is a multi-jurisdictional task force covering Story, Boone, and Greene Counties. Full-time members of the task force include The Story County Sheriff’s Office, Ames Police, ISU Police, The Story County Attorney, Boone Police, Boone County Attorney, and the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement.

The Central Iowa Drug Task Force has been operative for 25 years. It is a cooperative law enforcement effort with the common goal of addressing the distribution of illegal drugs. It allows participating agencies to work together as a single entity and gives the ability to improve communications, share intelligence, combine resources, and coordinate enforcement in narcotic related investigations.

The Central Iowa Drug Task Force is committed to suppressing illegal drugs and actively pursues individuals and groups who distribute and manufacture illegal drugs in our area.

Central Iowa Gang Task Force

The Story County Sheriff’s Office is a member of the Central Iowa Gang Task Force.  The Central Iowa Gang Task Force is a multi-jurisdictional Task Force operated by the FBI.  Their mission is to reduce gang-related violent crime through comprehensive, FBI led law enforcement approach utilizing state of the art investigative efforts to detect, exploit, disrupt, dismantle and interdicted domestic and international gangs.  

Special Teams

The Field Services Division of the Sheriff’s Office is part of many special teams.  The Story County Crisis Negotiation Team consists of personnel trained to talk with people involved in a crisis situation such as suicidal persons, barricaded persons or hostage takers.  The Story County  Emergency Response Team (ERT) members are trained to perform high-risk operations that fall outside the abilities of regular deputies.  The Negotiations and Emergency Response Team often work in parallel.

The Field Services Division is lead by the Commander of Field Services.