Proposed Tanning Ordinance

Story County Tanning Proposed Ordinance



58.01 Purpose
58.02 Applicability
58.03 Designated Agency
58.04 Adoption of State Code
58.05 Additional Rules
58.06 Tanning Device Use By Minors Prohibited

58.01 PURPOSE. This ordinance provides for regulation of tanning facilities and devices used for the purpose of tanning human skin through the application of ultraviolet radiation. These rules stipulate minimum safety requirements relating to the operation of tanning devices; qualifications for tanning facility operators; and procedures for the inspection of tanning facilities and enforcement of these rules.

58.02 APPLICABILITY. The provisions contained herein apply to, but are not limited to, public and private businesses, hotels, motels, apartments, condominiums, and health and country clubs located within incorporated and unincorporated Story County, Iowa.

58.03 DESIGNATED AGENCY. Pursuant to the Code of Iowa, Chapter 137, Local Boards of Health, the Story County Environmental Health Department is the designated agency to interpret, monitor, and enforce the rules contained in Public Health (641) IAC Chapter 46, Minimum Requirements for Tanning Facilities, and Story County Ordinance Chapter 58, Minimum Requirements for Tanning Facilities.

58.04 ADOPTION OF STATE CODE. The Board of Supervisors, adopts, in its entirety, by reference, Public Health (641) IAC Chapter 46, Minimum Requirements for Tanning Facilities.

58.05 ADDITIONAL RULES. In addition to rules set forth in Public Health (641) IAC Chapter 46, Minimum Requirements for Tanning Facilities, the Board of Supervisors adopts the additional rules contained in this ordinance.

58.06 TANNING DEVICE USE BY MINORS PROHIBITED. A person under age 18 shall not use any type of tanning device, as defined in Public Health (641) IAC Chapter 46, Minimum Requirements for Tanning Facilities. Operators are responsible for determining if an individual is eligible to use a tanning device. To verify the age of a patron, operators should rely on currently valid government agency issued identification cards containing the name, picture, and date of birth of the patron.