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YSS Youth Recovery Campus Site Plan Update

You are hereby notified that the Story County Board of Adjustment will review the YSS Conditional Use Permit (CUP) minor modification request for the proposed Youth Recovery Campus site plan, located at 32385 580th Ave, Cambridge , IA, in Section 29 in the Union Township (parcel # 14-29-200-310) The CUP request will be addressed at a public meeting to be held on Wednesday September 21, 2022 beginning at 4 PM, in the Public Meeting Room located on the 2nd floor of the Story County Administration Building (900 6th Street, Nevada, Iowa). These meetings are also being offered via Zoom. To join the zoom meetings by computer, tablet, smartphone visit HTTPS://WWW.ZOOM.US/ and click on “Join a Meeting.” Use the Zoom Meeting ID 773 718 0067 and Password 1DR5Wg. To join the meeting by telephone: Dial (312) 626-6799. Use the Zoom Meeting ID 773 718 0067 and Passcode 540442.

The request is for a minor modification to change the site layout only. The operations of the youth shelter facility previously approved will not change.

The buildings and parking lot are proposed to be setback further from the south property line. The originally approved site plan placed the buildings approximately 75 feet from the south property line. The proposed plan shows the main building as setback over 150 feet from the south property line. The three dormitory buildings for clients are located around the main building, and maintain over a 50 foot setback from the property lines. The dormitory buildings are proposed to be two stories in height.

This public meeting and modification is only for the review of the new proposed location of the buildings and layout, not the use of the property. The previously approved conditional use permit allows YSS to operate a youth recovery campus including crisis stabilization, youth shelters, and adolescent addictions treatment for up to 70 adolescents on the property.

Please see below for the updated site plan documents.

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