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Compensation Board

Chapter 331.905 of the Code of Iowa states that the County Compensation Board has the following powers to recommend to the Board of Supervisors the annual compensation of the auditor, treasurer, recorder, sheriff, county attorney and supervisors.

The Compensation Board consists of two appointees by the Board of Supervisors and one appointee each by the County Auditor, Attorney, Recorder, Sheriff and Treasurer. Appointees serve four year terms.

 Board Member Name
 Appointed to Board By
 Term Expires
 Tom Cahill (Chair)
 Steve Jordening (Secretary)
 Recorder  6/30/2017
 Bev Kruempel
 Board of Supervisors
 Lucas Richardson
 Attorney  6/30/2017
 Steve McGill
 Board of Supervisors
 Mary Richards  Auditor 12/31/2016
 Rebecca Reisinger
 Treasurer  6/30/2017

Contact Information:

Tom Cahill, Chair

1015 5th Street
Nevada, IA 50201
Ph: (515) 382-6571