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Current road Closures

Current and Upcoming projects

  • BROS-C085(127)--8J-85, Indian Creek Sec. 22 (660th Ave.) Bridge Replacement  
  • FM-C085(130)--55-85, E57 HMA Resurfacing from R38 west to the County line 
  • FM-C085(131)--55-85, Nevada Sec. 31 (S14) Bridge Deck Overlay   
  • FM-C085(132)--55-85, E23 HMA Resurfacing from G.W. Carver Ave. to the County Line   
  • FM-C085(133)--55-85, E63 HMA Resurfacing from R38 east to the Huxley City limits  
  • FM-C085(134)--55-85, Richland Sec. 2&3 (S27) Bridge Deck Overlay
  • STP-S-C085(135)--5E-85, E63 HMA Resurfacing from the Cambridge City Limits east to S14
  • FM-C085(136)--55-85, Grant Sec. 24&25 (E57) Culvert Replacement
  • FM-C085(137)--55-85, Richland Sec. 22&23 (660th Ave.) Bridge Replacement
  • FM-C085(138)--55-85, Nevada Sec. 29 (19th St.) Culvert Replacement
  • FM-C085(139)--55-85, Indian Creek Sec. 18 (305th St.) Bridge Replacement
  • FM-C085(140)--55-85, Milford Sec. 32&33 (580th Ave.) Culvert Replacement

5 Year Program Map