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Correcting Common Title Errors
If you make an error - DO NOT CHANGE, DO NOT WRITE OVER, DO NOT CROSS OFF, DO NOT USE WHITE OUT & DO NOT ERASE!  These are the items that cause errors and can void a title.  Below are some of the things that we can do to correct errors:

  1. Incorrect date - if the sale date is entered incorrectly, a handwritten bill of sale showing the correct sale date along with the year, make, vin# and name of purchaser, and signed by the seller will be accepted.  A Bill of Sale form is available.  Can also use an affidavit of correction (mentioned below).  Do not cross through the date.
  2. Seller signs on the "assignment" line, (top line) - the buyer can print the buyers name(s) beside the signature with the word "or" separating them along with the buyers address.  Do not cross off anything.
  3. The seller/buyer signs on the incorrect line - the seller/buyer must sign again on the correct line, and the correct seller/buyer signs below the incorrect signature.  Do not cross off anything.  An affidavit of correction will need to be completed and signed by both the buyer and seller.  This form requires both signatures and must be notarized.
  4. Incorrect odometer recorded on Iowa title - upon review in the Treasurer's office, you may be instructed to contact the DOT Investigator to certify your mileage, or previous owner will need to get a replacement title and start over.  Do not try to rewrite odometer.
  5. Incorrect odometer recorded on out of state title - title will need to be corrected in the state issued.