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K9 Search Teams
K9 Search Teams
STAR 1's K9 Search Teams train for and can be certified in the following search specialties:
  • Live Area Search - Search dogs seek out any live human scent in an assigned search area
  • Cadaver Area Search - Can be deployed if the lost person is believed to be deceased
  • Wilderness & Urban Trailing - This search method is useful in area highly contaminated with other human scent
  • Water Search - A drowning victim can be located in a body of water. Dogs can work from shore or boat.
  • Human Remains Detection - Canines trained to locate partially decomposed and/or disarticulated human remains
  • First Responder Live Search - Search dogs can find and indicate the location of a live person trapped within a collapsed structure
  • First Responder Cadaver Search - Canines can locate a deceased person within a collapsed structure by cadaver dogs trained to work in rubble situations
  • Evidence / Article Search - Search dogs can locate objects with human scent
For further information, contact Story County Emergency Management at (515) 382-7315.Heidi.jpg