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Selling Your Vehicle as Junk
Junking a Vehicle
In order to sell or give your vehicle for junk, you must fill out the Application for Junking. When you sell or give your vehicle for junk and it will never be driven again, you may be entitled to a refund or credit of the unused portion of registration fees paid on that vehicle. If you are purchasing another vehicle within 30 days and wish to receive credit toward the registration fees, fill out the bottom of your registration receipt for the junked vehicle and submit it with the application for title to your replacement vehicle.

If you are not replacing the junked vehicle and wish to receive a refund, return the plates to the County Treasurers Office. Note: must be done within six months of junking your vehicle. The state will not issue refunds for less than $10. Then, give the buyer your title with the back assignment completed or bring your title and registration receipt to the Story County Treasurers Office and get a junking certificate. You can then give (assign) the junking certificate to the buyer.

In either case, it is wise to get a statement or receipt from the buyer acknowledging delivery of the vehicle and title.