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Sensitive Natural Areas Inventory
Story County Conservation is working to fulfill a goal identified in the county’s comprehensive plan. The Cornerstone to Capstone (C2C) long-range plan’s intent is to be science-based and policy guiding, to lead with a clear vision and goals, to identify quality of life aspects, and to outline strategies to achieve its goals. The goal we are working towards is an updated inventory of the natural communities throughout the county.

Dr. Tom Rosburg and his associate, Dr. William (Bill) Norris, have been selected to help us carry out a sensitive areas inventory. A total of 5,000 acres were identified to be surveyed in the first phase of this project. The research entails exploratory hikes to identify vegetation types. Ideally, properties will be visited twice -- soon and again later in the growing season. 

To view a map of the areas to be surveyed and their priority levels, click here.