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Ames Urban Fringe Plan
Ames Urban Fringe Plan

The Ames Urban Fringe (AUF) Plan (2006) is an adopted component of the Cornerstone to Capstone Long Range Plan.

The AUF is a cooperative planning effort between the City of Ames, City of Gilbert, Story County and Boone County (guiding principles).  It provides guidelines for understanding and predicting future land uses within the two-mile boundary of the City of Ames.  The land use designations are exhibited in the Land Use Framework Map - Ames Urban Fringe Plan.

Intergovernmental Agreement

To implement the AUF, the Story County Board of Supervisors, along with the City Councils from Ames and Gilbert, entered into the Ames Urban Fringe Joint and Cooperative Agreement, a 28E agreement to define roles and responsibilities related to development in the Ames Urban Fringe.