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How to Apply?
Please use the Application for Floodplain Development provided here. 

Applications may be printed off and mailed to:
Floodplain Manager
Story County Administration
900 6th Street
Nevada, Iowa 50201
You can also email the Application for Floodplain Development to the Floodplain Manager

Application Process Overview
  • If you have property in the mapped floodplain, a floodplain development permit may need to be applied for and granted prior to the development occurring.  The floodplain maps are available at the Story County Assessor's mapping site at or you can also view them at the FEMA Flood Map Service Center.  (Please note, Story County only issues permits for unincorporated properties - if you are inside a city, you will need to contact that City Hall.)
  • Once you have determined the location and that an application is required, you can access the Application for Floodplain Development and complete the necessary information and send to Story County.
  • The application is reviewed for completeness, and if all the requirements of Chapter 80 - Floodplain Management Program - of the Story County Code of Ordinances are satisfied, the initial permit will be issued.  This is called the Pre-Construction Phase Permit, which grants the work to be undertaken.  These are issued for a one-year timeframe, however, upon written request, may be extended.
  • After the work is completed, the applicant contacts the Floodplain Manager to schedule the final inspection.  If all the conditions of approval (if any exist) are satisfied and development is done as indicated on the application, the final Floodplain Permit is granted.