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Government Restructuring Committee
On May 8, 2012, the Government Restructuring Committee presented their report of recommendations to the Story County Board of Supervisors. That report is available here.


The intent of  structure and timeline set for the 2012 Government Restructuring Committee was to:
  • recognize the reality of the political separation, both affiliation and geographical, in Story County, and 
  • build a group that will adequately represent the differing positions and views of all divisions. 

The ultimate goal set was that any recommendation of this Committee be viewed as thorough, fair and non-politically motivated. Ideally, any recommendation would be accepted by most people as an unbiased proposal to improve the function and representation of Story County.

Committee Members
  • Ted Tedesco, Co-Chair
  • Sandy Opstvedt, Co-Chair
  • Marty Chitty
  • Tom Corrieri
  • Steve McGill
  • Sandra McJimsey
  • Patrick Sheets

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