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ATV/ORM/ORV & Snowmobile Registrations Due
The Story County Recorder’s Office would like to remind everyone that ATV/ORM/ORV and snowmobile registrations are due by December 31, 2017. Any renewals received after that date will incur a $5.00 penalty per vehicle. Read on...
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While we don't want to admit it, winter in Iowa is heading our way! Please keep in mind the adopted maintenance procedures followed by Story County Secondary Roads when that first snowfall hits.

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County Roads will be maintained to the best of our ability subject to weather conditions, available equipment, and safety of personnel while trying to keep within the budget.

Snow will be placed in the shoulder/ditch which may cause accumulations that limit sight distance. The snow will be winged back to reduce drifting and visibility hazards when time and resources permit. Snow plows and spreaders will not normally be in operation on paved roads between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. unless an emergency situation exists. Gravel roads may not be plowed if the wind is causing continual drifting.

Private Drive snow is not to be placed on the roadway or shoulders. Property owners may be responsible for creating a safety hazard at their driveways.

Mailboxes which are destroyed by snow plows will be replaced by the County with a normal small size galvanized mail box.  The property owner will be responsible for installing the mailbox. Replacement mail boxes will not be provided for those damaged by flying snow. 

Emergency Situations will normally be authorized by the Story County Sheriff’s Office or a physician. Emergency situations include serious injury, a probable loss of life, or where disastrous loss of property is imminent. 

Traffic Signs which are missing or destroyed should be reported to the Story County Sheriff’s Office by calling (515)-382-6566 or 911 in emergency situations. Priority will be given to replacing critical regulatory signs such as STOP, NO PASSING, and warning signs.

The entire snow removal ordinance can be viewed on the Secondary Roads website at Questions can be referred to the Story County Secondary Roads Department at (515) 382-7355.