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1. Can I dig wildflowers out of the ditch?
2. Can I pick flowers out of the prairie?
3. Can I ride an ATV in Story County Conservation areas?
4. Can I snowmobile in Story County Conservation areas?
5. Can I target / trap shoot on county areas?
6. Can I use a tree stand on SCC areas?
7. Do I have to use non-toxic shot in any of the public hunting areas?
8. How big do bass have to be before I can keep them?
9. How do I remove a wild animal from my property?
10. I know that Peterson Park is Bow and Shotgun only, but can I use a black powder gun?
11. Is a keg of beer allowed in a county park?
12. Is paintball allowed in public hunting areas or parks?
13. What if I want to have a large event in a SCC area?
14. What is supervised youth camping?
15. Where can I camp?
16. Where can I let my dog run / swim free?
17. Where do you allow horses?
18. Why are beach hours different from park hours?