Lucy Martin

Auditor's Office
Title: Auditor
Phone: (515) 382-7210
Lucy Martin

Lucy Martin was re-elected to her second full term as Auditor and Commissioner of Elections in 2016.  She began serving as Auditor in January of 2011 following her unanimous appointment to fill the vacant office; she won her first election in 2012.  Prior to holding office, Lucy was a Deputy Auditor. 

Lucy is a graduate of Rice University (BA) and received her Masters of Public Administration from Columbia University in 1996.  Before moving to Iowa, she held supervisory positions in the New York City Mayor's Office of Management and Budget, overseeing units managing the operational and capital budgets for economic development, housing, buildings, ports, and planning.
In her fifteen years with Story County, she has worked on a variety of committees, including the Real Estate and MAPS committees.  She served on both the Land Use & Rural Affairs and Transportation legislative steering committees through the Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC) as well as ISAC's County Strategic Technology Advisory Resource (CoSTAR) committee.  She is a member of the Iowa State Association of County Auditors (ISACA) and is past president and vice-president of District I.  She currently serves as co-chair of the Statewide Election Administration Training (SEAT) Board.  Lucy is a past member of the executive board of the Iowa Precinct Atlas Association of County Auditors (IPACA); Precinct Atlas is an electronic pollbook, used by the majority of Iowa counties to facilitate voting.  She is active in the local chapter of the League of Women Voters.

Lucy is SEAT certified, as are most staff members.  SEAT provides guidance on federal and state election laws, administrative rules, and best procedures for all types of elections.  Lucy has presented numerous SEAT training classes.  She is also a certified Precinct Election Official.

Lucy has been married to her husband, ISU professor David Hollander, for 20 years.  Their daughter attends Smith College.


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