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Cooper's Prairie Marsh

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  1. Designated Public Hunting Area
Cooper's Prairie Marsh is a 40-acre marsh in central Story County.  The original 10-acres were acquired from Robert Cooper in 1976.  An additional 30-acres was added in 2011. Prior to acquisition, part of the area was farmed. However, the naturally occurring pothole on the site fills with several feet of water each spring. The area also supports a large population of upland and wetland wildlife.
The agricultural land has been converted to restored prairie, and a parking area was installed in the southeast corner of the marsh.
The marsh is a designated public hunting area. Hunting and trapping are allowed. Please remember to ask permission when hunting within 200 yards of any occupied building, even on public land. Non-toxic ammunition required.
Pets must be kept on leashes from March 15 to July 15. Pets must be kept under control at all times