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Nov 23

Smoke In The Woods

Posted to Naturally Speaking with Steve Lekwa by Erica Place

Sue and I walked through the far north end of McFarland Park recently. I hadn’t walked that area of the park in quite some time, and had the strange feeling of being lost in an area that I once knew like the back of my hand. I knew we’d see tree damage, but the level of damage from the August derecho was still overwhelming. So was the amount of work that the conservation board staff had done to clear the trails and make them usable again. I worked with the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) back in the mid 1970s to build the first trails through the area, and knew many of the huge oaks and hickories that grew there as old friends. How old?  Several large stumps from trees recently cut during trail clearing gave answers to that question. One old hickory had taken root about 120 years ago. A few old oaks approached150.

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Jul 23

Fishery Renovation Update

Posted to The Greenprint by Erica Place

The DNR will treat Hickory Grove Lake on August 4th (pending workable weather conditions) with rotenone, a botanical pesticide, to eliminate the remaining fish population.

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