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Jan 21


Posted to Naturally Speaking with Steve Lekwa by Erica Place

I was given a gag gift at a staff party many years ago. It seems I had something of a reputation for being late for meetings. The gift was a little framed quote. I don't know who gets credit for saying it first. I only know I still agree with it and the sentiment it carries. “The clock is a conspiracy & crime against humanity & I would not own one... except I miss appointments without it.” The little quote has was on my office wall for many years and sits beside me right now. A Franklin Planner book became part of my life a couple of years after that gift. I don't know if it really helped me be more punctual, but it seemed to constantly encourage me to write in more tasks; to fill in every available moment with some sort of activity so that no time would be wasted. It wasn't just day by day planning, either. Major chunks of time were blocked out weeks in advance for this, that, and anything else. I stopped using the Franklin Planner the day I retired.

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Sep 04

Heavy Rainfall

Posted to The Greenprint by Erica Place

Quick Update:

Hickory Grove received a little over 7 inches of rain throughout the holiday weekend. By Sunday morning the lake was completely full again and is currently one or two feet above full pool. We will continue drawdown so the archaeological survey can take place, but with more water entering the lake and more rain in the forecast it may take some time before we reach the desired water level. 

Please contact our office with questions at (515) 232-2516.