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Jul 15

Butterfly Concerns

Posted to Naturally Speaking with Steve Lekwa by Erica Place

I washed my truck this morning and it took some extra effort to get all the multicolored bug splats off the front end. I'm afraid many of them were from butterflies. There has been a big flight of painted ladies and red admiral butterflies in the past couple of weeks. They have been feeding heavily on flowers planted along many of our highways. They tend to fly low at about grill/windshield height. Even though they're fast fliers for butterflies, they're still slow; too slow to get out of the way. Vehicles smash them by the hundreds when they venture even a few feet into the traveled portion of a busy road. Many are fatally injured even by near misses when the turbulence generated by passing vehicles slams them into the pavement. These butterflies are common enough that decent populations of them are likely to survive the slaughter.

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Jul 08

Quick HGP Update

Posted to The Greenprint by Erica Place

  • Earthwork around campground continues for jetty construction, boat ramp expansion, and bridge to the island.
  • Fishing jetty construction has begun at the shop hillside. 
  • Sediment removal in East Game (portion of lake East of 680th) is underway. There is a total of 56,000 yards of sediment to be removed from this location. 
  • Lake dewatering is proceeding to lower lake. A 24” pipe has been installed through the dam and will be extended in to the lake bed. Once this is complete the dam will be rebuilt to pre-construction condition.  
  • Secondary Roads is working hard on reopening 680th at the tubes. Large rain events had caused undercutting beneath the road. The road is set to be opened in the next couple of weeks. 
The park (except the campgrounds and Snow Bunting Lodge) remains closed to the public during this active construction period. 

Hickory Grove Aerial
Photo by Nick Lennie