Public Hunting Areas

Many acres of land are available for public hunting and trapping in Story County. The following is a list of these areas, including size and species.

Observe all applicable state laws. No target shooting is allowed on any area that Story County Conservation owns or manages. Please remember to get permission when hunting within 200 yards of an occupied building.

Askew Bridge and Cambridge Pond

26.5 acres with upland and waterfowl species.

Bob Pyle Marsh

(State-owned) 80 acres with waterfowl, upland game species, and furbearers.

Colo Bogs

(State-owned) 4,691 acres of upland game, waterfowl and furbearers.

Cooper Prairie Marsh

40 acres with upland and waterfowl species. Non-toxic shot only.

Dakins Lake

103 acres with upland game and waterfowl hunting. The park is closed to hunting while the campgrounds are open for camping (April-October).

Doolittle Prairie

(Partially State-owned) 43 acres with upland species.

Ed Powell Wildlife Area

17 acres with upland species.

Heart of Iowa Nature Trail

Open to hunting November, December, and January, and limited to areas outside of the first intersection within one mile of the city limits. These areas are between Slater and Huxley from 520th to 535th avenues; between Cambridge and Maxwell from 597th to 640th avenues; and between Maxwell and Collins from 663rd to 680th avenues.

Hendrickson Marsh

(State-owned) Approximately 700 acres with waterfowl, upland species, and furbearers.

Hickory Grove Park

80 acres located south and east of the lake (outside the paved road) provide upland and waterfowl species. Non-toxic shot only.

Jennett Heritage Area

171 acres with upland, waterfowl and woodland species. Some ground is still being farmed.

Jim Ketelsen Greenwing Marsh

68 acres with upland and waterfowl species. Non-toxic shot only.

Larson Marsh

12 acres with upland and waterfowl species. Non-toxic shot only.

Peterson Park

200 acres with upland, waterfowl, and woodland species. Hunting with shotgun, bow, and black-powder rifle only.

Praeri Rail Trail

4 miles between Roland and McCallsburg and 3 1/2 miles between McCallsburg and Highway 65 provide excellent cover for upland species. 

Roland Wildlife Area

80 acres with upland and waterfowl species.

Skunk River Flats

117 acres along the Skunk River with upland species.

Skunk River Greenbelt

620 acres with deer, small game, and furbearers. Some greenbelt properties are posted “No Hunting.” Other areas are easements and not available for public hunting. Observe boundary signs.

Map of Public Hunting Areas (PDF).