Buyers Checklist

Just got a new car? Use these handy tips to expedite your vehicle registration.

If you have just purchased a vehicle and are planning a trip to the County Treasurers Office to transfer title, you must have an Iowa drivers license, Iowa ID or Social Security number. If you do not have an Iowa Drivers License or Iowa ID we suggest you bring in your Social Security card with you, along with these completed forms, all forms may be found at

  1. The vehicle title with "Assignment of Title" on the back side completed by the seller and buyer. Please read carefully before marking your responses to the questions. Alterations and erasures will void the whole title.  The title must be transferred within 30 days of purchase to avoid penalty. Remember: The name and signature of the seller must be the same as it appears on the front of the title. If two owners are listed and the word "and" appears to the right of owner #1, then both owners must sign the back of the title. If the word "or" appears to the right of owner #1, then either owner can sign and only one signature is required.
  2. Application for Certificate of Title (Form 411007) should be completed and signed by all persons to be listed as owners on the new title. You can not place a persons name on a vehicle title without their signature on the application for title.
  3. If the vehicle is ten years old or newer (nine model years) a valid odometer reading is required. The odometer statement is part of the "Assignment of Title" on the back of Iowa titles, no separate document is required.
  4. A valid Damage Disclosure Statement (Form 411108) (DDS) must be signed by the seller(s) and buyer(s) on vehicles 7 years or newer.  Remember: The name and signature of the seller on the Damage Disclosure Statement must be the same as it appears on the front of the title. In the case of joint ownership with the conjunction "and" only one owner will be required to sign as seller on the DDS.
  5. A Bill of Sale is recommended (Notarization may be required).
  6. Call the Motor Vehicle Department of the Story County Treasurers office to ensure you have all necessary documents, signatures and information. Please have your paperwork in hand when calling. (515) 382-7340 ASK FOR THE NAME OF THE MOTOR VEHICLE CLERK YOU SPOKE TO ON THE PHONE:

These six basic steps should make title transfers go smoothly in one trip. However, they do not cover the many special circumstances that can arise such as trusts, gifts, death in testate, power of attorney and many other unique situations. In these cases please call before you make an unnecessary trip: (515) 382-7340.